5th NWCC International Conference “TESOL Contexts: Global Practices of Teaching Academic Writing”
November 16 – 18, 2023

Organizer: Association of Academic Writing Experts “National Writing Centers Consortium” (NWCC)

Format: blended

The National Writing Centers Consortium is inviting teachers of academic and research writing, writing centers’ staff, journal editors and researchers to participate in the conference “TESOL Contexts: Global Practicesof Teaching Academic Writing” focused on contemporary theories, practices, and trends in teaching EAL learners to communicate their research ideas in writing.

The conference is meant to be a platform for professionals from various cultures to discuss ways of helpinglearners develop the skills necessary to write clearly and effectively in a variety of discipline-specific genres.There is also a need to explore how the advent of AI-based technology impactsteaching writing. The technology has the potential to revolutionize the way writing centers provide assistance, too, which is also an important topic for discussion.

Through this conference, we aim to:

    • enhance understanding of contemporary theories and global practices of genre-based approaches to teaching discipline-specific L2 writing at all levels
    • highlight emerging concepts and methodologies ofusing AI for teaching and assessing writing
    • provide opportunities for writing centers to share their practices regarding modern trends, includingthe use of AI-based technologies, and
    • foster global research collaboration of writing centers and writing instructors.
Conference sections:
Cross-disciplinary intersections between STEM subjects, huminites and English as an additional language in various academic contexts

Emerging writing genres and integrating genre-based approach into teaching discipline-specific L2 writing
Expanding roles of writing centers: Contemporary theory and global practices
Transformation of language teaching and assessment due to the advances in AI
The NWCC welcomes proposals from:
· writing center faculty, staff, and researchers
· language professionals and applied linguists
· university undergraduate and graduate tutors/consultants
· writers who have experienced a writing center session
· AI experts willing to contribute to various aspects of language teaching and assessment

You can apply either for online or face-to-face participation. If you decide to present at the conference, please choose a section and a presentation type. Register here gribova.nn@mipt.ru and submit an abstract of 250 words and 50-word summary online.

Presentation types
Plenary talk – 40 min
The talk should raise an important issue and provide ways of solving the problem. The talk should be based on serious research.
Round table discussion – 40 min
Applicants are advised to discuss a timely topic. Please clearly state the aim of discussion, questions, and potential outcomes.
Workshop – 60 min
The workshop should be interactive and practice oriented.Applicants are advised to explicitly describethe activities and outcomes of the session.
Research presentation - 20 min
The presentation is aimed at describing research, which is relevant to the conference topic.Applicants are advised to clearly state the aim, motivation, procedure, and results.
Classroom practice presentation - 20 min
The presentation is aimed at describing successful practices. Please clearly indicate the target audience and academic context. Applicants are advised to share the procedure and the analysis of its success.
Teaching materials presentation – 20 min
This section is aimed at presenting reviews of teaching materials and resources, technology resources, and creative works based on a theoretical framework for evaluation and a description of how they can be successfully used in the classroom.
Poster presentation – 10 min (for offline participants)
Posters can be based both on a theoretical and a practical framework. Applicants should bring them physically. Posters are going to be displayed in the hall; there will be time allotted for presentations.

Criteria for selection
The paper should meet the following criteria:
1. Currency, importance, and appropriateness of topic to the field
The topic should be relevant and significant to the field and potential audience.
2. Theory, practice, and/or research basis
The presentation should refer to the appropriate theory, practice, and/or research on which the presentation is based. The relevance of the theory to the proposed paper should be described in a detailed, thorough, and comprehensible manner.
3. Support for practices, conclusions, and/or recommendations
The abstract should provide ample details indicating that the practices, conclusions, or recommendations will be substantiated.
4. Clarity of writing
The abstractshould be well written and should suggest that the presentation will be of professional quality.

More information about our events on link https://t.me/+wepc_vWaisEzN2Qy