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Welcome to the website of the Association of Academic Writing Experts “National Writing Centres Consortium“

About Us

The Association of Academic Writing Experts “National Writing Centers Consortium” (NWCC), which is a state nonprofit organization, aims to provide professional networking and professional development opportunities to academic writing experts and writing center professionals.
The Association promotes academic writing theory and practices through open debates and discussions in the media, thus influencing public opinion and awareness of the new discipline – interdisciplinary academic writing – in the country. Through these functions, the Association raises the importance of universities as social institutions in Russia and make them more open.
Aims and objectives of the Association:
  • to foster academic writing as a university discipline and as a higher education activity to promote academic writing by translingual writers across and beyond disciplinary audiences;
  • to achieve sustainable excellence in academic and scientific communication through dissemination of best practices and international standards in EAP/ ERPP teaching and tutoring pedagogy, through the development of academic literacy and research skills at the university level and beyond;
  • to initiate projects for sharing expertise in EAP/ERPP teaching/learning to help researchers, who are non-native speakers of English, get published in international peer-reviewed scholarly journals indexed in Scopus and Web of Science;
  • to empower the nation’s decision makers with the professional knowledge required to make well-informed choices, particularly on the development of academic writing standards for the Russian higher education system.

The Association seeks to build strategic partnership relations with other associations, research organizations, higher education institutions, and the media to drive positive changes in the educational institutions both in the EU and Russia.
The Association is a body of around 100 members. Its members are individuals (writing experts working in various Russian universities), Belgorod State University, Educational company RELOD, and several writing centers.